Women's Clothing Shopping Study - Dallas

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What is your job title or position?
Please select statements from the following that describe you
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Which, if any, of the following occupations do you or any close friends or family work in?
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Do you shop online, offline (in store), or both?
What is your current age?
Do you own a smartphone?
What is your current relationship status?
If you own a smartphone, what model is your phone?
With which ethnic group do you most closely identify?
Do you have any children?
If you have children, how many do you have and what are their ages?
What is your current working status?
How often do you go shopping for clothes for yourself in a store?
What is your clothing size?
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How often do you shop for clothes for yourself online?
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When was the last time you went shopping and made a clothing purchase for yourself?
What clothing brands have you shopped for yourself in the past 6 months?
Are there any clothing brands you would not consider for yourself?
What is your approximate annual household income?
What best describes your thoughts about clothing shopping and appearance for yourself?
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